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The legend of the scale layout "never seen"


In 1975, the "Interlocking Fortifications" series was produced consisting of 135 subjects (9 battlefields made up of 15 fortifications each) in 1/32 scale, the catalog numbers of which are unknown and which would seem to have never been marketed.

The fortifications were made to fit together and form a battlefield of 15 fortifications; each single fortification of a battlefield had the same interlocking shape as the other 5 corresponding ones (of the other 5 battlefields) in order to vary the landscape of the scale layout as desired.

Once completed, the 9 battlefields combined together formed an impressive scale layout that is said to be well displayed at the entrance to the Atlantic headquarters.

In fact, the only information and images available in this series are those shown in the MiniModellista series folding catalog, everything else is "legend".




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