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Italian championship 1973-1974 series features


The Italian Championship 1973-1974 series, produced in April 1974, is made up of 16 packs, of dimension 36 x 24 x 5.5 cm, with catalog numbers from 001 to 016.

Each packaging contains a playing rectangle (half of a football field), 14 figures (11 players, 1 coach, 1 masseur and 1 linesman), a goal, two corner flags, a bench, a scoring ruler and 2 soccer balls. which one hemispherical, one sliding (to join 2 game rectangles) and a sheet with assembly instructions and game rules.

The playing rectangle and the figures differ in color according to the team contained; the social colors of the team are represented in the edges of the pitch and in the combination of the colors of the pedestals and the players figures (for example The Roma soccer team have yellow pedestals and red figures).

On the front of the packaging there are the social colors, the name of the team contained and the Atlantic logo, while on the back we find the team name, the Atlantic logo and images of the content.

On the right edge there is the catalog number and the Atlantic logo while on the left edge we find the colors of the team contained and on the upper and lower edges the name of the subject.









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