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This site was born and is enriched with information and images also thanks to a series of contributions from friends and enthusiasts; here the due thanks.

The first thanks I certainly owe to my parents who, by buying me the first Atlantic toy soldiers when I was a child, gave birth to this passion of mine and to my family that still bears it today.

Thamks to:

Cinzia and Maurizio who with their consultancy and advice have made it possible to create this site despite my lack of expertise;

Fabio e Gennaro for the images of their collections and for their memories that have been fundamental in many reconstructions;

Umberto, collector of Disney "Topolino", for many of the images of the Atlantic advertisements that allowed most of the dating and more;

Mauro M. for the images of the combat series n ° 1, for the previous information and the concession of rare images of his work "Traveling with the Atlantic", a previous work that I am proud to have among the rarest pieces of my collection; absolutely not to be missed.

Atlanticgalaxy site for images and information from the science fiction series (Galaxy, Grendizer, Capitan Harlock and Spaziali) and for the re-editions of Piquè juguetes.

Mario R. for some images of the 800 series first edition.

Salvatore T. for some images of the 800 series first edition.

Lorenzo D. for the MP-300 series images

All those who have visited and will visit this site and to those who want to contribute with information, images, memories, comments and corrections.