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in the UNOFFICIAL site dedicated to ATLANTIC toys and ATLANTIC toy soldiers.


This site was born from the passion for Atlantic toys and it's dedicated to all those who share this passion; in particular to those like me, a child in the 70s, who spent whole afternoons in the company of these fantastic toys and still continues to love them by collecting them.

In the top bar you can select the various sections of the site, where you can find information and images on the story of the Atlantic, on the production of toys, on the catalogues and on advertising of the age, on what was produced by Edizioni Atlantic and in the re-editions of other brands, on the production chronology, and on some curiosity.

There is also a small market where it is still possible to buy old toys, links to other sites where we talk about Atlantic toys and a special section for those who want to display their collections on this site.

Given the amateur nature of the site, much of the information is the result of research, memories and inferences and therefore subject to possible inaccuracies or errors.

The images and information contained on this site come from various sources including mine and other private collections and from anyone who has wanted and will want to contribute to its evolution; in the appropriate section the due thanks to those who contributed and will contribute to this site.

The site is constantly evolving and changing, in the news section the latest updates on the site are shown in chronological order and anyone who wants to contribute with information, images, memories, comments and corrections will always be welcome.

I want to clarify that this site repudiates any form of violence, racism, war and oppression; information and images of toy soldiers, military models, weapons, etc. they are related to toys, and only and exclusively as such should be considered.

This is an amateur site and is not intended to infringe any copyright or proprietary rights.

In the event that you should detect material that infringes your property right and that you do not want it to be present on this site, contact me and I will remove it.

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