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Export series features


The Export series, probably produced between the end of 1979 and the beginning of 1980, is made up of an unspecified number of packs, 36 x 24 x 5.5 cm in size, all with the same catalog number 010, each of which contains a national team, defined with the application of a balloon-shaped sticker.

Each packaging contains a complete playing rectangle (2 halves of a football field), two sets of 14 figures (11 players, 1 coach, 1 masseur and 1 linesman), 2 goals, 4 corner flags, 2 balls, one of which hemispherical, 2 sliding (to join 2 playing rectangles) and a sheet with assembly instructions and game rules.

On the front of each packs there is a sticker in the shape of a ball with the name of a national team inside; it should be noted that very often the colors, both of the playing rectangles and of the figures, do not respect the reported content.

The captions on the packs are in several languages ​​but not in Italian, probably the production was dedicated only to the foreign market and the intentions of the nation sticker applied were to refer to the fact that the teams contained belonged to a specific nation.

On the front and back of the package, which are identical, there is the Atlantic logo, captions in 3 languages, an advertising image and the contents of the package.







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