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Super Giocagoal features

The Super Giocagoal, produced in June 1974, consists of a single case pack with catalog number SG01.

Each pack contains a complete polystyrene playing rectangle (formed by 2 halves of a football field), 14 figures (11 players, 1 coach, 1 masseur and 1 linesman), a goal, two corner flags, a bench, a scoring ruler and 2 soccer balls. which one hemispherical, one sliding (to join 2 game rectangles) and a sheet with assembly instructions and game rules.

On the front and back of the package, which are identical, there is an advertising image, the Atlantic logo, the words "Super giocagoal" and some captions in multiple languages, while on the right and left edges we find the Atlantic logo and the catalog number.

On the front of the package there are 2 stickers in the shape of a ball with each inside the name of a team, so each package from time to time can contain different Italian league teams.







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