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1060 series features


The 1060 series, produced in June 1976, consists of 12 showcase packs, measuring 24.5 x 13(28.5) x 4 cm, containing subjects in H0 scale, with catalog numbers from 1061 to 1072.

The catalogs of the time also show the codes of the packs 1073 and 1074 which, however, do not appear to have been marketed, as well as the last subject of the west "cow boys".

The 1060 series is characterized by three themes distinguished by as many specific symbols and colors; blue for the "Legends of the west", yellow for the "Heroes of the west" and red for the "Indians of the west".

Note that the images of the 1060 series packs are the same as those used for the 1000 series, 1100 series, 2050 series  and 1200 series.

On the front of the packs there is the Atlantic logo, the name of the subject on a colored background according to the theme of the subject (blue for the "Legends of the west", yellow for the "Heroes of the west" and red for the "Indians of the west" "), the symbol of the contained theme, the words" Far West Story " and the scale H0.

On the side edges is the catalog number and the words "Far West Story".

On the back of the packs there is a more or less complete list of the catalog numbers of the series, the symbols that characterize them and historical notes in four languages ​​on the subject contained.










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