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1600 serier features


La serie 1600 Ŕ composta di 12 confezioni a libro di dimensioni cm 20 x 27 x 4,5, contenenti soggetti in scala 1/32, con numeri di catalogo dal 1601 al 1612.

La sua produzione inizia nel novembre 1976 con le prime 3 confezioni e termina nel febbraio 1978 con l'inizio della produzione delle ultime 4 confezioni.

In the 1600 series the three civilizations contained are distinguished with packages of three different colors: black for the Egyptians, brown for the Greeks and red for the Romans.

On the cover of the packages we find the image and the name of the subject in four languages, the 1/32 scale and the number of pieces contained.

On the cover of the packs containing toy soldiers it is also possible to find a sticker with which the Atlantic invited the children of the time to participate in the "play, learn, color and win" contest, while inside the same packs, which you can "browse" like a book, we find some pictures of the subjects contained paintings and a brief historical description of the contents of the package in four languages.

The catalog number, the 1/32 scale and the title of the packaging are shown on the side edges, while the Atlantic logo is shown on the upper and lower edges.

On the back of the packs we find the illustration of the contents and the cover images of the packs relating to the same civilization.

It should be noted that the same color distinctions of civilizations and cover images of the packs containing toy soldiers are also used in the 1500 series, 1800 series and 2500 series.


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