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1 series features


Series 1, also known as "Diorami west", produced in September 1975, is made up of 4 book packs measuring 27 x 19 x 4.5 cm, containing subjects in H0 scale, with catalog numbers from 1a to 1d .

The packs contain a model painted by the house, cardboard accessories to cut out of the book cover and about 4 clusters of toy soldiers; it should be noted that in the packs marketed it was not uncommon to find clusters of toy soldiers that did not correspond to either the quantity or the subjects of the pack, even if in any case among the first of the series in the history of the west.

The west dioramas could be combined together to form a larger diorama as illustrated inside the packages; it should be noted that in the internal images of the packages the combination of 6 dioramas is shown, which suggests the initial intention to produce a series with 6 subjects but it would seem, however, that the last two were never produced.

On the front of the packages there is an illustration of the contents, the words "Diorama WEST", the catalog number, the scale and the Atlantic logo.

The words "Diorama WEST", the catalog number, and the Atlantic logo are written on the side edges, while the words "Diorama WEST" and the catalog number are written on the upper and lower edges.

On the back there are some images and the name and historical notes on the subject contained in four languages.











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