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Caratteristiche serie 4100


The 4100 series, produced in March 1980, is made up of 6 packs measuring 13 x 21 x 2.5 cm, containing subjects in HO scale, with catalog numbers from 4101 to 4106.

The packs of the 4100 series contain two or three different subjects inside; it should be noted that often it is also possible to find added subjects unrelated to those proposed by the packages, such as for example "Police" or "Banda carabinieri".

An adhesive proof of purchase can also be found on the cover of the 4000 series packages; delivering 4 proofs of purchase to the shopkeeper, a "Battle plan" was obtained for free.

The image, the name of the subject in four languages ​​and the Atlantic logo are shown on the front of the packs.

The H0 scale and the Atlantic logo are shown on the side edges, while on the upper and lower edges we find the catalog number, the scale and the title of the package in four languages ​​(two for each edge).

On the back of the packaging you will find the assembly instructions, the catalog numbers and the cover images of the other 5 packs of the series.










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