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510 series features


The 510 series, produced in December 1975, consists of 7 case packs containing subjects in 1/32 scale, the first 3, and in H0 scale, the last 4, with catalog numbers from 511 to 517.

The dimensions of the packages are respectively: 511 cm 68 x 44 x 8, 512 cm 68 x 44 x 15, 513 cm 68 x 44 x 12, 514 and 515 cm 44.5 x 34 x 9, 516 cm 69 x 45 x 11 and 517 cm 85 x 64 x 15.

Each pack contains a diorama painted by the house and several toy soldiers.

On the very first packs it was possible to find the corresponding 1200 series packs for the 1/32 scale packs and 1100 for the H0 scale packs, while in the packs marketed later the toy soldiers will be in bulk bunches.

It should be noted that the 1/32 scale plastics, contained in the first 3 packs, could be composed together to form a single large diorama.

On the front of the packs there is the image and the name of the subject, the Atlantic logo and the scale.

The catalog number, the name of the subject and the Atlantic logo are printed on the side edges and on the upper edge, while on the lower edge only the Atlantic logo is shown.

On the back of the first 3 packs in 1/32 scale there are illustrations, historical references in four languages ​​relating to the content, the image of the diorama formed by the combination of the 1/32 scale models contained in the first 3 packages and some covers of the packages of the 1200 series.

On the back of the last 4 packs in H0 scale there are images of all 7 dioramas of the series.








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