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610 series features


The 610 series consists of 11 packs of dimensions 24.5 x 13 x 4 cm, containing subjects in H0 scale, with catalog numbers from 610 to 620.

Its production begins in May 1975 with the 610 pack and ends in March 1978 with the start of production of the 620 pack.

It should be noted that the packs 617 and 618 which contained respectively 2 models and 1 model, in the last period were marketed respectively with 1 model and 2 model, with a sticker on the front of the packaging that modified the contents.

The Atlantic logo, the H0 scale, the words "military vehicles of 2 World War" in 4 languages, the name, the image and the quantity of the subjects contained are shown on the front of the packaging.

The Atlantic logo and the catalog number are shown on the side edges, while the cover images of some packs of the same series are shown on the top and bottom edges.

On the back of the packs there are the assembly instructions, the flags of a part of the nations participating in World War II and a more or less complete list of the catalog numbers of the same series.

It should be noted that in the list of catalog numbers, shown on the back of the first 3 packs, the American tank M29 C Amphibious weasel never produced is shown with the catalog code 613; the Sherman wagon actually produced is shown on the back of the subsequent packages with the catalog code 613.









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