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7500 series features


The 7500 series, produced in October 1972, consists of 10 showcase packs measuring 51 x 11 x 5 cm, containing subjects in 1/32 scale hand painted by the house, with catalog numbers from 7501 to 7510.

Although 12 catalog numbers are shown on the back of the packs, only the first 10 packs have actually been marketed; it should also be noted that the list of catalog numbers of the same series on the back of the first 6 packs shows the numbering from 12001 to 12012 unlike the 750x codes then actually marketed while on the back of the last 4 packs, relating to the great revolutions, it is the correct numbering is present.

The 10 packs were initially marketed in a first edition and subsequently the first 6 packs (for the subsequent 4 packs of the great revolutions there is no evidence of this) in a "new" graphic design, second edition, which differs substantially from the first for the thickness of the tricolor bands, the positioning of the letter "A" on the front and for the positioning of the logo and titling on the left side edge.

The contents of the packs vary from pack to pack both as subjects and as color.


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