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BS03 series features


The BS03 series, also known as "Big historical soldiers", produced since 1980, is made up of 12 display cases, measuring 21 x 12 (18) x 4 cm, containing subjects in 1/32 scale.

It should be noted that the series has no references to a specific catalog numbering and the packs are differentiated exclusively by a sticker bearing the name of the subject contained.

On the front of each packaging there is the same image, the words "Big soldiers", the Atlantic logo and the name of the subject affixed with a sticker.

The words "Big historical soldiers", the reference code of the "BS03" series and the image of two subjects (one per edge) are shown on the side edges, which are generally reminiscent of the series.

On the back of the packs there are three advertising images, respectively of the BS01 series "2 ^ World War big soldiers", of the BS02 "Far West big soldiers" series and of the same BS03 "Big historical soldiers" series.








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