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010 series features


The 010 series, marketed in the early 1980s, consists of 5 blister packs, containing subjects in 1/32 scale, with catalog numbers from 010 to 050.

The series consists of 5 packs each dedicated to a specific theme shown on the front of the pack itself; the exceptions are the packs of catalog number 020 and 050 which are referable to "Modern armies" but which respectively show on the front of the pack "Soldati d'Italia" and "Soldates de France".

It should be noted that the packaging catalog number 050, made for the French market with the wording "Soldates de France", is identical to the packaging catalog number 020 in both design and contents.

The Atlantic logo, the theme to which they refer are shown on the front of the packs (except packs 020 and 050 as detailed above), the name and image of the subject.

The Atlantic logo, the catalog number of the package, the themes and the cover images of the subjects of the same series are shown on the back of the packs.







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