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050 series feautures


The 050 series "Universe Voyagers", marketed in 1985-1986, consists of 5 blister packs, 14 x 33 cm in size, with catalog numbers from 050 to 054.

This series contains characters already marketed in the Classic series Galaxy but updated in the names; "Sky man" transforms into "Sirius", "Sky girl" into "Andromeda", "Humbot" into "Altair", "Dynatlon" into "Mizar" and "Zephton" into "Unuk".

The Atlantic logo, the name of the series and the name and image of the subject are shown on the front of the packs.

On the back of the packs there is the Atlantic logo, the name of the series, the catalog number of the packaging and the cover images with the names of the subjects of the same series.

Inside the packs there is a packet of Futurama stickers and often the Futurama album was also matched, stapled or glued.









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