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30 series features


The 30 series, marketed from 1982-83, consists of 6 blister packs, 20 x 30 x 5 cm in size, containing subjects in 1/32 scale, with catalog numbers from 31 to 36.

This series contains toy soldiers already marketed in the 1600 series but updated in the names; "At the  pharaoh's court" is transformed into "Cleopatra", "the egyptian army" into "Tutankhamun", "the greek army" into "Achilles", "the trojan army" into "Ulysses". "The roman legion" into "Antonio" and "Greek life in the Acropolis "in" Nerone".

The Atlantic logo, the name and the image of the subject are shown on the front of the packs.

On the back of the packs there is the Atlantic logo, the catalog number of the pack and the cover images with the names and catalog numbers of the subjects of the same series.







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