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CD500 series features


The CD500 series, produced in July 1973 and also known as the "divisione corazzata", consists of 4 display cases containing subjects in 1/32 scale, with catalog numbers from CD501 to CD503 and CD508.

The first 3 are 52 x 17.5 x 16 cm in size, while the CD508 is 70 x 19 x 18 in size.

The CD500 series is produced, at the same time and with the same catalog numbers, also in the "Motorized" version, a version consisting of the same packages with an adhesive applied on top and containing the same subjects in a motorized version, equipped with an electric motor powered by batteries 1,5V housed in the lower part of the vehicle and equipped with a switch located on the rear of the vehicle.

The first 3 packs contain one medium while the CD508 pack contains 2; all packs also include 4 or 5 toy soldiers and a pack of the 11000 series.

The subjects contained in the MC400 series have the particularity of being partially or totally hand painted by the house, rarely in the color of the casting plastic.

The first 3 packs of the series show on the front of the cover the horizontal tricolor band with the word "Atlantic" inside the white band, the Atlantic logo contained within the tricolor bands and the words "divisione corazzata".

Both on the front of the cover and on the top there is the writing Atlantic while on the back there is an image of a battle of armored vehicles.

The CD508 packaging has a yellow front cover with the words Armored Divisions of Italy, the Atlantic logo and a list of the 3 vehicles combined from time to time and the Atlantic logo at the top. On the upper part there is the Atlantic writing and a tricolor band that continues on the back where there are the images and the list of the 3 vehicles combined from time to time.

The Motorized version uses the same packaging to which a sticker bearing the word motorized has been applied, an adhesive affixed to the package without a precise location.
















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