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MP-200 series second edition features


The MP-200 second edition series, also known as "Plastici componibili", is made up of 6 case packs measuring 45 x 34 x 7 cm, containing subjects in HO scale, with catalog numbers from MP-201 to MP-212.

Each packaging contains a diorama painted by the house, clusters of toy soldiers related to the subject contained and in some packages there are also some cannons to be mounted on the diorama and small airplanes; it should be noted that the packages also often contained clusters of toy soldiers that did not correspond to the subjects of the package itself.

On the front of the packages there is the Atlantic logo, a sticker with the name of the subject in four languages ​​without the appellation "Italy", the catalog number and the scale, as well as on the side edges.

On the back of the packs there is a child playing with the first 4 models produced and the images of the 6 packs of the same series.

The upper edge of the packs is equipped with a handle, while the lower edge is light blue and the illustrations of the contents are shown for the MP-211 and MP-212 packs only.









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