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MP-260 series second edition features


The MP-260 series first edition, also known as "Super plastici componibili" "le grandi battaglie" and produced in the last months of 1976, is made up of 2 case packs measuring 69 x 46 x 7 cm, containing subjects in HO scale, with catalog numbers from MP-261 and MP-262.

Each pack contains a diorama painted by the house, clusters of toy soldiers related to the subject contained and 5 tanks among the first 3 catalog numbers of the 600 series.

It should be noted that the contained dioramas are practically the union of two dioramas of the MP-200 series with some small variations; MP-201 + MP-204 for the diorama MP-261 and MP-202 + MP-206 for the diorama MP-262, and that the diorama MP-262 is the same already used in 1/32 scale in the SP-300 series.

On the front of the packs there is the Atlantic logo, a sticker with captions in four languages ​​and the image of the diorama and part of the content.

On the side edges there is the Atlantic Logo and the catalog number, while on the back of the packs, in addition to the Atlantic logo, there is a child playing with the model and the assembly instructions of the contents in Italian and a sticker with the assembly instructions in three other languages.

The upper edge of the packs is equipped with a handle and bears the words "Super plastici componibili" "le grandi battaglie", while the lower edge is red without illustrations.









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