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600 series second edition


The 600 series second edition, also known as the "600 export series", produced in June 1975, consists of 9 packs containing subjects in HO scale, with catalog numbers from 601 to 609.

The 600 series, already produced in a first graphic format, identified as the 600 series first edition and included in the Soldati d'Italia and great revolutions section, will again be produced in a further graphic format known as the "600 Nato series" and identified as the 600 series third edition.

Some of the subjects of the 600 series will also be offered again in the 3100 series and 4600 series.

More details in the 600 series second edition features.


601 ed II



602 ed II

Artillery self

propelled howitzer

603 ed II

Troops transport


604 ed II



605 ed II

Mine removal

and recovery car

606 ed II

Missile thrower


607 ed II



608 ed II

Laser station

control car

609 ed II

Tracked pontoon

and car transport



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