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SP-300 series


At the same time as the MP260 series, the SP-300 series known as "superplastics" was created, consisting of a single package containing the same diorama present in the MP-262 packaging, two Leopard tanks in 1/32 scale and a packaging of the 11000 series, usually the 11001 Bersaglieri d'Italia or the 11004 Paracadutisti d'Italia.

The SP-300 series, also known as the "Divisione Corazzata su plastico", produced in 1973, is made up of only 1 package, catalog number SP-301, containing subjects in 1/32 scale.

The subjects contained in the MP-300 series have the particularity of being partially or totally hand painted by the house.

More details in the SP-300 series features.







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