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MV series features


The MV series, produced in November 1977, consists of 4 packs of dimensions 40 x 26 cm, containing subjects in 1/32 scale, with catalog numbers from MV1 to MV4.

Of the 4 packs, 1 relates to the World War II armies (MV1), 1 to the West history (MV2) and 2 to the Modern armies (MV3 and MV4); the other packages are found within the respective sections.

The packs are made up of a model with part of the toy soldiers glued / stapled above and the rest contained in the container frame under the diorama.

It should be noted that the models of the MV2 and MV3 packs are identical except for the coloring.

It is assumed that the packs have been marketed to various subjects; for example, there is certainty of the marketing of the MV2 package containing the subject Sioux camp, while the same is identified in the catalogs as containing the Gatlin Gun and soldiers of the U.S. Camp.

The Atlantic Logo and the quantity contained in Italian and English are shown on the frame of the container.

It should be noted that the packs of the MV series were contained in cardboard boxes measuring 41 x 27 x 13 cm, where the initials MV was stamped and a label with the Atlantic logo and the handwritten code of the pack was glued.









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