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The legionary on loan


The friend Alessandro de A. rummaging through his toys as a child made a singular find, a pose in 1/32 scale, belonging to the Atlantic package n ° 1609 (The roman legion), adapted to be used in the 1611 package (The roman cavalry).

The pose in question is normally contained in the 1609 packaging and is equipped with a base (photo 1), while the Alessandro find (photo 2) is equipped with feet to be inserted into the chariot contained in the 1611 packaging, which normally includes two specific different poses. (photo 3).

It would therefore seem that Atlantic has printed, in 1/32 scale, this pose of "The roman legion" also with the feet to be inserted in the package of "The Roman cavalry".

At the moment that of Alexander is the only discovery of which we know, so we do not know if it is a "unique" case or if some Atlantic 1611 packs (The roman cavalry) were produced with the particularity of containing al inside them this pose from the set 1609 (The roman legion).


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