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The last years


With the advent of video games, at the beginning of the 1980s, Atlantic drastically reduced its production and offered again some of its previous toys in simpler and cheaper packs, blisters, bags and pouches, to dispose of warehouse inventories.

The production of the packs contained in this section ends approximately in 1987; of these productions are not found in official catalogs and many of the numbers shown on the packages coincide with those of other packages produced previously.

The "Edizioni Atlantic S.r.l." is also established, which will allow the marketing of the packs of last years at newsstands and newspaper outlets.

The "Edizioni Atlantic S.r.l." inserts its periodical publications within the Atlantic packaging by affixing an "Edizioni Atlantic" sticker on them, promotes Atlantic toy soldiers also through other comics of the time marked with the same sticker and markets its publications and "futurama" figurines with free attachments atlantic products.

In the following years some Atlantic products were marketed in various re-edition by other brands.



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