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Niagara re-editions


In 1987, Niagara Giocattoli S.p.A. acquires almost all of the Atlantic molds.

In 1990 the molds are sold to an Iraqi entrepreneur and their traces are lost;all but about twenty detained by Niagara.

In addition to marketing some packs, in 1998 Niagara commissioned the marketing of Atlantic toy soldiers to the american Glencoe Models and the italians Waterloo 1815 and Nexus Editrice.

In 1999 Nexus Editrice became the owner of the Atlantic brand and obtained the exclusive reprints of 19 sets in H0 scale from Niagara Giocattoli.




Play football

Scale 1/32 various



Atlantic mold

Rivoluzione russa

Atlantic mold

Apache camp

Atlantic mold

Panzer grenedieren

Atlantic mold

Vita greca nell'acropoli

Atlantic mold



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