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00 series


The 00 series or 00 series "Export", also known as "Ready boxes", consists of 14 packs containing subjects in H0 scale, with catalog numbers from 1 to 14.

3 packs of black color are related to the "World War II Armies" and 3 of red color (catalog numbers from 1 to 8 and from 12 to 14) to the "Modern armies".

Its production begins in March 1975 with the first 8 packs and ends in June 1975 with the start of the production of the last 2 packs.

It should be noted that, although the series is in H0 scale, pack number 9 contains the 1/32 scale missile batteries already marketed in different packs, such as the 11011 first edition, in the Soldati d'Italia and great revolutions.

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