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MC400 series


The MC400 series, produced in July 1973, consists of 3 packs, containing subjects in 1/32 scale, with catalog numbers from MC401 to MC403.

Note that in the lists on the back of the packs there are 5 subjects but the last two packs have never been marketed.

At the same time and with the same catalog numbers, the "Motorized" version was also produced, consisting of the same packages with a sticker applied on top and containing the same subjects in a motorized version.

The subjects contained in the MC400 series have the particularity of being, some times, partially or totally hand painted by the house.

The same subjects of the MC400 series are proposed at the same time in the CD500 series and will be proposed again in the 830 series of the Modern armies.

More details in the MC400 series feautures.




Carro armato




pesante campale



trasporto truppa "M.113"



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