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1800 series features


The 1800 series is made up of 12 packets measuring 16.5 x 10 x 1 cm, containing subjects in HO scale, with catalog numbers from 1801 to 1812.

Its production begins in February 1977 with the first 3 packs and ends in February 1978 with the start of the production of the last 4 packs.

In the 1800 series the three civilizations contained are distinguished with packages of three different colors: black for the Egyptians, brown for the Greeks and red for the Romans.

On the front of the packs we find the Atlantic logo, the image and the name of the subject in four languages while on the back there are images of the contents.

On the side edges we find the Atlantic logo, the catalog number and the HO scale, while on the upper and lower edges only the Atlantic logo.

It should be noted that the same color distinctions of civilizations and cover images of the packs are also used in the 1500 series, 1600 series, and 2500 series.









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