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1500 series

The 1500 series consists of 20 packs containing subjects in HO scale, of which 10 book packs containing toy soldiers with catalog numbers from 1501 to 1503, from 1508 to 1511 and from 1515 to 1517, and 10 packs containing playsets (shown in appropriate section) with catalog numbers from 1504 to 1507, from 1512 to 1514 and from 1518 to 1520.

Its production begins in November 1976 with the first 7 packs and ends in February 1978 with the start of the production of the last 6 packs.

The 1560 series is part of the Historical series marketed by Atlantic also in the form of the Atlantic tridimensional encyclopedia.

The same subjects of the 1500 series (toy soldiers) will be proposed again in the 1800 series and 2500 series.

More details in the 1500 series features.



The egyptians

At  the Pharaoh's court


The egyptians

The egyptian army


The egyptians

The egyptians cavalry


The greeks

Greek life in the Acropolis


The greeks

The greek army


The greeks

The greek cavalry


The greeks

The troyan army


The romans

The roman legion


The romans

The roman cavalry


The romans

Gladiators and christians



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