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450 series (The fighters)


The 450 series, also known as "The fighters", is made up of 8 packs measuring 21 x 17 x 2 cm, containing subjects in 1/100 scale, with catalog numbers from 451 to 454 and from 457 to 460.

Its production begins in September 1975 with the first 2 packs and ends in May 1976 with the start of the production of the last 4 packs.

Of the 8 packs, the first 4 relate to the Modern armies, while the last 4 to the of World War II armies.

Note that the same cover illustrations of the first 4 packs of the series will be used later in the 480 series.

The Atlantic logo, the 1/100 scale, the name and image of the subject are shown on the front of the packaging, while on the back the assembly instructions, the more or less complete list of the same series and the words "made in Italy" and "plastic non toxic"..

The Atlantic logo, the catalog number and the 1/100 scale are shown on the side edges, while on the upper and lower edges the name of the subject.

It should be noted that inside the first 4 packs it was possible to find an insert with one of the 4 parts necessary to compose the Air Base.









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