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450 series

(The fighters)


The 450 series, also known as "The fighters", is made up of 8 packs, containing subjects in 1/100 scale, with catalog numbers from 451 to 454 and from 457 to 460.

Its production begins in September 1975 with the first 2 packs and ends in May 1976 with the start of the production of the last 4 packs.

Of the 8 packs, the first 4 relate to the Modern armies, while the last 4 to the of World War II armies.

It should be noted that the packs 455 and 456 were not included in this series, which, despite the catalog numbering, contain modern bombers and not fighters and were produced subsequently, simultaneously with the production of the 461 series (The bombers) of which in particular the package 456 shares the shape of the package that can be composed to form a scene with a particular evocative effect.

Arbitrarily the two packs, 455 and 456, have been inserted in the "Modern armies" section in a series called 450 series (The bombers).

The first 4 subjects will be proposed again in the 480 series of the "Modern armies"

More details in the 450 series (The fighter) features.




Spitfire MkII


Messerschmitt Me-109E


Macchi MC 205


Curtiss P-40E



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