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600 series third edition features


The 600 series third edition, also known as the "600 Nato series", produced in September 1977, is made up of 9 packs of dimensions 24.5 x 13 x 4 cm, containing subjects in HO scale, with catalog numbers from 601 to 609.

As in the previous editions, packs 601, 602, 603 and 607 contain two wagons while in the others only one.

On the front of the packs there is the Atlantic logo, the image and the name of the subject and the words "Modern thanks of NATO forces" in four languages.

On the back we find the assembly instructions and the complete list of catalog numbers of the series while on the side edges there is the catalog number and the Atlantic logo.

On the upper edge are the images of the first 5 packs, while on the lower edge the images of the remaining 4 packs and the image of a further pack that will not be produced in this series but in the "610 series" of the "World War II armies".









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