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600 series third edition


The third edition 600 series, also known as the "600 Nato series", produced in September 1977, consists of 9 packs containing HO scale subjects, with catalog numbers from 601 to 609.

The same series with the same catalog numbers was previously produced in two different graphics; one identified as 600 series first edition and inserted in the Soldati d'Italia and great revolutions section and the other known as "600 series Export" and identified as 600 series second edition.

The 600 series offers some subjects already contained in the 3100 series and some that will be proposed again in the 4600 series.

More details in the 600 series third edition features.


601 ed III

Medium tank


602 ed III


howitzer M110

603 ed III

Armoured personnel

carrier VTT M-113

604 ed III

Bridging tank


605 ed III

Mine removal tank

MRJ 60/561

606 ed III

Missile thrower tank

FV-426 M60

607 ed III

Armoured car

commando V.200

608 ed III

Armoured command

car M60 CL 2000

609 ed III

Tracked poonton




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