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MP-360 series features


The MP-360 series, also known as "Le grandi imprese", produced in October 1974 is made up of 2 case packs with dimensions 85 x 65 x 10.5 cm the first and 85 x 65 x 16 cm the second, containing H0 scale subjects, with catalog numbers from MP-361 to MP-362.

Each packaging contains a diorama painted by the house, approximately the equivalent of 7 packs of the 9000 series and the first 6 tanks of the 600 series first edition.

In the very first packs it was possible to find the corresponding packs of the 9000 series and of the 600 series first edition while in the following packs you can find contained clusters of soldiers of the 9000 series and vehicles of the 600 series first edition even not corresponding to the subjects of the packaging.

On the front of the packs there is the Atlantic logo, the name of the subject and the image of the diorama and part of the content.

The Atlantic logo, the name, the catalog number and the scale of the subjects contained are shown on the side edges, while the images of the contents and assembly instructions are shown on the back of the packs.

The upper edge of the packs is equipped with a handle and shows the name of the subject, while the lower edge is blue without illustrations.




   LEFT EDGE                                             FRONT                                          RIGHT EDGE







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