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Serie 600 first edition


The 600 series produced in a first graphic format, which for convenience will be identified as the first edition, also known as the "mezzi esercito italiano", is made up of 9 packs, containing subjects in H0 scale, with catalog numbers from 601 to 609.

Its production begins in July 1973 with the first 6 packs and ends in January 1975 with the start of production of the last 2 packs n. 608 and 609; subsequently the same series, with the same catalog numbers, will be produced in two new graphics known as "600 Export series" and "600 Nato series" which for convenience are included as 600 series second edition and 600 series third edition in the Modern armies section.

Some of the subjects of the 600 series will be offered again in the 3100 series and 4600 series of the Modern armies.

More details in the 600 series first edition features.


601 ed I

Carro armato


602 ed I

Artiglieria pesante

"Obice semovente T236"

603 ed I

Veicolo trasporto truppa "V.T.T.M.113"

604 ed I

Carro armato


605 ed I

Carro armato

"Sminatore gru-recupero"

606 ed I

Carro armato


607 ed I



608 ed I

Carro comando

"C.L. centrale laser"

609 ed I

Pontone cingolato

trasporto carri



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