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SP-300 series features


The SP-300 series, also known as "Divisione Corazzata su plastico", produced in 1973, is made up of a single case packaging measuring 68.5 x 45 x 15 cm, catalog number SP-301, containing scale subjects 1/32.

The package contains a diorama painted by the house, two floats, usually Leopard, about the equivalent of an 11000 series packaging, usually the 11001 Bersaglieri d'Italia or the 11004 Paracadutisti d'Italia and the vehicle already contained in the 11008 Hitler packaging brown shirts - SS but without the Nazi swastikas; this vehicle, already used in the 7500 series in the 7501 Bersaglieri d'Italia packaging, will be used again in the 800 series first edition in the 809 ParÓ in combattimento packaging.

It should be noted that the contained diorama is practically the union of two dioramas of the MP-200 series first edition, MP-202 and MP-206, with some small variations; the same diorama s used in H0 scale in the MP260 first edition series in the MP262 packaging.

On the front and back of the packaging there is the Atlantic logo, the tricolor emblem with the words "divisione corazzata su plastico" and the image of the diorama and part of the content.

The Atlantic logo, the scale, the catalog number and the words "divisione corazzata su plastico" are shown on the lateral edges, the upper edge of the package is equipped with a handle and also bears the words "divisione corazzata su plastico", while the lower border is red with no illustrations.









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