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Shooting series features



The Shooting series, produced from mid-1979 to early 1980, is made up of 11 subjects, 3 vehicles with catalog numbers from 23 to 25 and 8 personages with catalog numbers from 20 to 22 and from 27 to 30 (shown in the specific section).

The vehicles are contained in packs of different sizes: 26 x 23 x 17 cm for the 23 pack, 50.5 x 23 x 25 cm for the 24 pack while the 25 pack consists of a simple cardboard packaging.

Package 25 contains a motorized model with an electric motor powered by 1.5V batteries housed in the lower part of the vehicle; it should be noted that the lower part of the vehicle is made up of a specially modified motorized Leopard tank, already marketed in the MC400 series and CD500 series of the Soldati d'Italia and great revolutions.

On the front of the packages, identical to the back, there is the Atlantic logo, the wording Galaxy series, the name of the subject in 4 languages, as well as on the side edges where we also find the catalog number.

The movement and shooting instructions of the subjects contained are shown on the upper and lower edges.














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