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In the market each object for sale is identified with reference number, catalog code and title.

For each item on sale there is a "detail" box
(by clicking on the icon it is possible to view the photos of the object for sale)

The photos of each item depict exactly what you buy.

For each object there is a "buy" box where you can find 4 types of icons:

The object is available at the time of the request

(by clicking on the icon you are redirected to the page to send the purchase request)

The object is not available for purchase on the site at the time of the request, but on offer on e-bay

(by clicking on the icon you are redirected to the e-bay page to make the purchase)

The object is not available at the time of the request because it has already received a purchase request and is waiting to complete the transaction

(the object will be declared sold and removed from the market once the transaction has taken place or declared available again if the transaction is not concluded correctly)

The object is not available at the time of the request because it has already been sold

(the object will be removed from the Market section as soon as possible; it could become available again in the event of withdrawal by the buyer)

Although we try to make the descriptions as objective as possible, they inevitably remain subjective; viewing the photos you can see exactly what you are buying, if you want further details on the object for sale you can request it by e-mail before requesting the purchase.

Despite the attention and commitment made to ensure that the information in the "Market" section is always updated as quickly as possible, also given the amateur nature of the site, sometimes it is possible that the condition of an object at the time of the request is not up to date; also for this reason, there is a phase of acceptance of purchase requests in which the availability of the chosen object will be confirmed.

Purchase Requests

On the site there are specific links in the "buy" box which redirect the buyer to a web page, in which there is a preformatted text containing the data relating to the chosen object, to be filled in and then clicked on the link for sending email.

The purchase request can also be made directly via an e-mail to the e-mail address "mercatino@atlanticmania.com" bearing in the subject the words "Purchase request" and in the content name, surname, shipping address of the 'buyer and preferred type of shipment (or direct collection), reference no., catalog no., title of the object and the textual sentence:
"I hereby declare that I have read and explicitly accept what is reported in the documents called" regulations "and" Satisfied or reimbursed formula "on the website www.atlanticmania.com".

E-mails sent to other addresses on the site or with incomplete information may make the purchase request ineffective.

The purchase request is a formal commitment with which the buyer expressly declares that he has read and accepts all the conditions set out in this regulation and undertakes to complete the payment of the requested object within the time and in the manner provided.

Purchase request acceptance

Shortly after sending the purchase request, the buyer will receive an e-mail, from the e-mail address "mercatino@atlanticmania.com", which will confirm the availability of the requested object and the acceptance of its purchase request; the e-mail will also indicate the amount due for the purchase, the shipping and the coordinates to make the payment.

Payment must be made only after receiving the acceptance e-mail using the coordinates given.


Payment must be made and confirmed by e-mail to the e-mail address "mercatino@atlanticmania.com" within 4 days of receiving the e-mail confirming the purchase request; otherwise, in the absence of communications, the item will be put back on sale and the purchase request canceled.

Payment methods accepted are PayPal friends, PostePay and Bank Transfer; cash payment is only foreseen in case of direct collection of the purchased object, cash on delivery is not foreseen in any case.


Barring unforeseen circumstances, the items purchased will be shipped within 5 working days from the actual receipt of payment.

Shipping to Italy is foreseen by courier or via Poste Italiane with traceable shipping; in the requested acceptance e-mail, the lowest price method according to weight and size will be indicated, unless the buyer requests a specific preferred method in the purchase request.

Shipment abroad is foreseen via Poste Italiane with "international registered mail" (delivery and cost vary by weight and place of destination) or "paccocelere international" (delivery and cost vary by weight and place of destination).

In the event of the purchase of multiple items, a single combined shipment is required using the lowest cost method based on the weight and size of the items purchased.

Shipping costs are charged to the buyer and include packaging costs; we are not responsible in any case for delays, loss or damage to objects due to the carrier; the objects travel at the sole risk of the buyer.

Direct collection in Rome is foreseen.


Purchases made on this site relate to a sale by a private person with the "seen and liked" formula and with the explicit exclusion of any form of guarantee except as reported in the "Satisfied or reimbursed formula" contained in the site and referred to in this regulation.


By requesting purchases on this site, you explicitly declare to accept all the conditions of this regulation.


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