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Satisfied or refunded formula


The satisfied or reimbursed formula provides for the possibility for the purchaser to exercise the right of withdrawal exclusively according to the methods and terms described in this document; any other form of guarantee, withdrawal and refund is explicitly excluded.

Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal may be exercised only and exclusively for an object that does not comply with what is illustrated on the site relating to the specific object purchased.

Although we try to make the descriptions as objective as possible, they inevitably remain subjective; viewing the photos you can see exactly what you are buying, if you want more details on the object for sale, you must request them via e-mail before requesting the purchase.

The buyer can exercise the right of withdrawal no later than 3 days from receipt of the purchased item and in any case no later than 10 days from its shipment.


The right of withdrawal applies to physical persons who act for purposes not related to their professional activity; therefore, purchases made by resellers and companies are excluded from the right of withdrawal.

How to exercise the right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending, no later than the aforementioned term of 3 days from receipt of the purchased item and in any case no later than 10 days from its shipment, of a written communication by registered letter with return receipt, sent to the same address as the sender reported in the shipment of the item received, and simultaneously via e-mail to the address "mercatino@atlanticmania.com".

This communication must contain the buyer's name and surname - reference number, catalog code and title of the purchased item - date, amount and method of payment made for the purchased item - details about the non-conformity detected in the received item with respect to what is described and / or illustrated on the site in relation to the specific item purchased - PayPal coordinates necessary for the refund.

The object must be received by the buyer, in the same conditions in which it was sent, within 5 days from the sending of the notice of withdrawal, to the same address used for the registered letter containing the notice of withdrawal; objects with expenses will not be accepted. borne by the recipient.

Once the object has been received, verifying the conditions, only in the case of an object not comparing to what is shown on the site relating to the specific object purchased, will we proceed, as soon as possible, to credit the buyer the net cost of the returned products, withholding, where necessary, the amount of shipping costs which will in any case be borne by the buyer; the credit will be made exclusively via PayPal at the coordinates indicated in the withdrawal notice.


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