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Historical series


The packs of Atlantic toy soldiers of the 1500 series (Ancient history), 1550 series (West history) and 1560 series (World War II armies), are also known as "Historical series".

With the exception of the vehicles and accessories of the 1500 series (Ancient History), which Atlantic has brought together in a single series with the toy soldiers instead of creating an autonomous one as was the case for other series, the packs of the "Historical series" have a cover illustrated book with painted toy soldiers and a "historical" text relating to the subject contained.

The idea of ​​Atlantic was to combine play with school, playing with toy soldiers with learning history; the advertising slogans of the 1500 series (Ancient History) read "Take us to school with you ... without hiding us", "a new way to learn history" and "the best way to learn history".

The "Historical Series" were also marketed in the form of the "Atlantic tridimensional encyclopedia" which collected the individual packages in small boxes.


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