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800 series second edition



The 800 series, already produced in a first graphic format, identified as the 800 series first edition and inserted in the Soldati d'Italia and great revolutions section, is newly produced with the same catalog numbers in a new graphic design probably designed for the foreign market.

The 800 series in this new graphic format, which for convenience will be identified as the second edition, was produced in June 1976, consisting of 19 "book" packs containing subjects in 1/32 scale, with catalog numbers from 801 to 819.

It should be noted that the 819 packaging, despite being reported in the catalogs, would seem not to have been marketed.

This series is part of a specific ensemble, including  tanks and modular mini-plastics, called "Minimodellista".

The 800 series offers subjects already marketed in the 11000 series, 8000 Series, 7000 Series and 7500 Series of the Soldati d'Italia and great revolutions.

Much of the content of the 800 series will be re-marketed in the 2100 Series and BS01 Series of World war II armies, and in part, subsequently, in the packs of the Last years.

More details in the 800 series second edition features.


801 ed II

Helicopters patrol

802 ed II

Rockets battery

803 ed II

Airport vigilance

804 ed II

Navigatings seamen

805 ed II

Seamen to harbour

806 ed II

Submerges men

807 ed II


808 ed II

Commandos jeep

809 ed II

Paratroopers in action

810 ed II

Flyings paratroopers

811 ed II

Anti-tank gun

812 ed II

Heavy artillery

813 ed II

Infantry jeep

814 ed II

Infantry in action

815 ed II


816 ed II


817 ed II

HQ of artillery

818 ed II




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