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Serie MP-200 series first edition


The MP-200 series, also known as "plastici componibili", produced in a first graphic format, which for convenience will be identified as the first edition, consists of 6 packs, containing subjects in H0 scale, with catalog numbers from MP-201 to MP-212.

Its production begins in November 1972 with the first 4 packs and ends in October 1973 with the start of the production of the last 2 packs n. MP-211 and MP-212; subsequently the same series will be produced with the same catalog numbers in a "new" graphic design intended for the foreign market, marketed with the addition of a sticker with the name of the subject in four languages and removing the appellation "d ' Italia ", creating, in fact, a MP-200 series second edition inserted in the Modern Armies section.

More deatails in the MP-200 series first edition features.


MP-201 ed I

Bersaglieri d'Italia

Difesa postazione atomica

MP-202 ed I

Alpini d'Italia

Conquista valico nord

MP-204 ed I

Paracadutisti d'Italia

Assalto all'areoporto

MP-206 ed I

Sommozzatori d'Italia

Attacco base navale

MP-211 ed I

Marinai d'Italia

Battaglia dell'isola fortificata

MP-212 ed I

Aviatori d'Italia

S.O.S. base missili



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