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830 series features


The 830 series, produced since 1975, consists of 4 subjects in 1/32 scale, catalog numbers from 831 to 834.

The 830 series together with the 800 Series first edition, the 800 Series second edition and the Interlocking Fortifications Series is part of the series known as "Atlantic MiniModellista 1/32".

It should be noted that the 1/32 scale of the carro armato gettaponte was marketed only in the 833 packaging of this series and that, given its considerable size, the 833 packaging consists of 2 identical packs with the same catalog number, each of which it contains part of the pieces necessary for the assembly of the whole tank.

On the front of the packs there is the name and image of the subject contained, the Atlantic logo and the "minimodellista" logo.

The images of the plastic models of the "Interlocking fortifications series" are shown on the side edges, while the Atlantic logo and the catalog number are shown on the upper and lower edges.

On the back of the packs there is the name of the subject contained, the assembly instructions and the cover images of the packs of the entire series.









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