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Serie 3100 (30)


The 3100 series, produced in June 1976, consists of 6 showcase packs, containing subjects in H0 scale with catalog numbers from 3101 to 3106.

It should be noted that on the packages, unlike what is reported in the catalogs, there is a numbering from 31 to 36 on the back and a numbering from 1 to 6 on the front and side edges.

Of the same type, 6 other packs containing "toy soldiers" were marketed at the same time, listed in the catalogs with the numbering from 301 to 306 and on this site as 300 series, which have on the back a numbering from 37 to 42 and on the front a numbering from 7 to 12.

From the numbers given on the back of the packs (31-42) it could be considered a single "series 30" with 6 packs of "land vehicles" and 6 packs of "toy soldiers".

Not knowing whether it is a first subdivision of the series in the catalogs that has never been corrected or an error made in the marketing of the packs, the website shows the official numbering of the catalogs with the addition in brackets that shown on the back of the packs.

The 3100 series proposes subjects already contained in the 600 series first edition of the Soldati d'Italia and great revolutions, 600 series second edition, which will be marketed again in the 600 series third edition and some subjects will be proposed again in the 4600 series.

More detais in the 3100 (30) series features.


3101 (31)



3102 (32)

V.T.T. M.113


3103 (33)

Artillery self


3104 (34)

Missile thrower


3105 (35)

Bridging tank


3106 (36)

Mine removal and

recovery car


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